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Alcohol, Drug Abuse Information and Unauthorized Weapons

Statement of Philosophy and Purpose It is the intention of the Coast Community College District to provide a drug-free environment that maximizes academic achievement and personal growth. The District recognizes that alcohol and other drug use or abuse pose a significant threat to the health, safety and well-being of the user and the people around them. Substance abuse also interferes with academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular interests and can lead to health, personal, social, economic and legal problems.


GWC offers several classes which offer education on alcohol and drug abuse:

Drug and Alcohol Counseling Resources

GWC’s Student Health Services offers professional evaluation and referrals for drug and alcohol treatment for students by appointment. Call (714) 895-8379.

The County of Orange Health Care Agency, Drug and Alcohol Services, offers therapy and counseling. The office for this area is 14140 Beach Blvd., Suite 200, Westminster, CA 92683, (714) 896-7574 TDD (714) 896-7512.

Alcoholics Anonymous: (714) 556-4555 or Call for meeting times and site information.

Narcotics Anonymous: (714) 590-2388 or (949) 661-6183

The Student Health Center also provides information and referrals to other community resources and support groups. Interested students may come to the health center to consult with a college health nurse.

State Laws and College Policy

State laws and the College Code of Conduct specifically prohibit the use and possession, distribution or sale of drugs or alcohol on college property or any collegesponsored activity or event. These rules describe the penalties and disciplinary actions when violations occur. Information on laws and the Code of Conduct are available at Student Health Services.

The Coast Community College District policy prohibits all use of alcohol and illicit drugs on District property or in District vehicles regardless of location. Furthermore, the use of all tobacco products is prohibited in all District buildings and vehicles.

Unauthorized Weapons

Unless otherwise authorized by the President of the college or California law, students will be immediately expelled from the District for an indefinite period, and be subject to criminal prosecution for bringing or possessing on or within any property or building owned or controlled by the District, any firearms, knives, dirks, daggers, brass knuckles, slingshots, air rifles, or any other type of weapon capable of inflicting great bodily injury.