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Waitlists are available for most, but not all classes.  There are some classes for which waitlists are not available.  Please look at the enrollment columns on the searchable class schedule for the specific class you are interested in to see if a waitlist is available (the WL Cap column).  If the WL Cap column says 30, there are thirty spots on the waitlist for that particular section.  If the WL Cap column says 0, there is no waitlist available for that section.  The WL Act column tells you how many are actually (Act) already on the waitlist.

If a class closes (fills) and has a waitlist available, you will be presented with a dialog box when you try to add the class.  If there is still space available on the waitlist, you have the option of adding yourself to the waitlist. 

If the waitlist is also closed (full), you will not be able to add yourself to the waitlist for the class.  However, you could keep checking back to see if any space opens up on the waitlist and could add yourself to the waitlist at a future date should a space open up.

For classes that have a separate lecture and lab component where you need to enroll in both sections (many Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics classes, etc.) you will only get waitlisted on the lab section of the class.  Therefore, it may appear that there are spaces in the lecture, when in reality those spaces are being offered to those students who are already on the waitlists for the lab sections.  So, please remember to look at the corresponding lab sections as well!

If you place yourself on a waitlist, you should start checking your MyGWC email account on a regular basis to see if a space opens up for you (it is recommended that you check at least 2-3 times a day every day, weekends and holidays included).  If a space does open for you, you will receive an email notification and then have 24 hours from the time the email is sent to add yourself into the class or you would be dropped from the waitlist and the seat would be offered to the next person on the waitlist.
You may check your waitlist position on the Student Detail Schedule and Waitlist Position link on the Student Tab in your MyGWC account.

If you are still on the waitlist when the class starts, you may go to the class and petition with the instructor for an add code.  If the instructor feels there is space available he or she would give you the add code that you could use to add yourself into the class.  You may also try to petition the class if you are not on the waitlist, however, please keep in mind that most instructors give priority to those petitioners who are already on the waitlist.
For additional information on waitlists and how to use your MyGWC account to add yourself to a waitlist or to add yourself into a class if you do receive a waitlist notification, please refer to the MyGWC Reference Guide.  There is a link to it on the left hand side of our home page on this website.

Please Note:  A student must have a registration appointment time in order to try to add a class or place him/herself on a waitlist!