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Admissions & Records PhotosCourse Repetition Policy

In accordance with Title 5, sections 55024, 55040-55045 only courses which fall into the following categories may be repeated.  Enrollment in two sections of the same course in the same term or part of term is not permitted.


It is possible to repeat a class only in certain circumstances as follows:

1. In the course description in the catalog, the class is identified as eligible for repetition; or

2. The class is eligible for grade remediation by repetition.  

*New repeat rules effective Summer Term 2012*- Students are now limited to three (3) total enrollments for most credit courses. Students will not be allowed to repeat a course more than three times without documented evidence of extenuating circumstances. 'W' grades are counted as enrollments.

3. Special classes which meet the needs of students with a documented disability may be repeated in compliance with Title 5, Section 56029, of the Education Code.

Reasons to Repeat a Class:

A. Repeating a course in an effort to alleviate a substandard grade; Students who receive substandard grades (“D”,” F”, “NP” or “NC”) and/or one or more Withdrawals (“W”) on the transcript may attempt to successfully complete the course up to a total of two additional times within the Coast Community College District, if necessary to alleviate the substandard grade or successfully complete the course. 

After the third attempt to receive a passing grade in a course, the student may complete a Course Repetition Appeal Form (available in the Records office) and submit to the Admissions and Records Office for one additional attempt.  Appeals are only considered for documented extenuating circumstances.   Students who Withdraw and receive a “W” on each of the three allowable attempts, if by petition the student is given permission to enroll, the students will not be able to withdraw from the course again and an evaluative grade symbol will be recorded .  NO FURTHER ATTEMPTS WILL BE PERMITTED.  

Note: Students who are approved to take a specific course for the fourth time, do not receive registration priority for that course and must wait until the first week of the semester to submit their request to repeat.

If the substandard grade is repeated within the Coast Community College District, the Repeat/Delete grade exclusion will be automatically performed on the student’s academic transcript.   The grades in the latest term will be the grade which will be used to calculate grade point average regardless of which grade was higher.  Although the previous grade(s) will not be counted in the grade point average, they will remain visible on the transcript and the last recorded attempt is the course which will be counted in the student’s permanent academic history. 

When a student repeats an equivalent course in which a substandard grade outside the Coast Community College District at a regionally accredited college, they must file a Repeat/Delete Request and submit it to the Admissions and Records Office along with an official transcript from the other college showing successful completion of the course.   

B. Repeating a course due to a significant lapse of time, where a passing grade (CR or P) or C or better was previously earned.  A significant lapse of time is defined as at least five years.  All coursework shall remain on the student’s permanent record.  The previous grade and credit will be disregarded in computing the GPA.  Course repetition based on significant lapse of time may only occur once. (documentation must be submitted)

C. You have extenuating circumstances - verified cases of accidents, illness, or other life changing even beyond the control of the student that prevented you from doing well in the course (must submit documentation);

D. The course you wish to repeat is part of a legally mandated training as a condition of continued or volunteer employment.  Regardless of whether or not a substandard grade (D, F, NC, or NP) was previously earned, the grade and unit credit shall be included each time for the purpose of calculating the GPA. (Documentation must be attached to certify that course repetition is necessary to complete legally mandated training).

E. Repeating a course previously taken at another college.  Substandard or non-substandard grades earned at another institution will not be alleviated by repeating a course at Golden West College.  The grade and unit credit earned will be calculated and averaged in GPA.

Note:  Some transfer institutions may elect to include both courses or may choose to use only the first grade taken in their computation of the grade point average to establish entrance requirements.

Note:  There is current State and District policy pending regarding changes to the Course Repetition Policy.  Please check with the Admissions and Records Office or Counseling for updated information.

Repetition of Activities Courses—Families of Courses
New regulations governing the repetition of credit courses in the California Community College system effective FALL 2013 have eliminated repeatability in Dance, Drama, Physical Education, Visual Arts, and most Music courses. Intercollegiate Athletics and some Music courses that are required for transfer programs will be the only courses that will remain repeatable; all other courses previously offered as repeatable will be offered as one time enrollment courses.