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Associate Degree for Transfer
Associate Degree for Transfer

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The GWC Completion Guarantee

It’s now possible to complete all your requirements to transfer to the CSU in 2 years - guaranteed! Just follow the outlined degree patterns, register for the assigned coursework each semester, and pass your classes with a minimum 2.0* GPA.

In order to complete this program in two years, you must be enrolled full-time, register for the assigned coursework each semester, maintain good academic standing and progress, and apply to the university within the required deadlines.

Students in this program will receive priority registration to assure available seating in required classes.

At the end of the two year program, you will have completed all your CSU General Education requirements and Major Preparation coursework for the CSU campuses under the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT). The ADT guarantees admission to the CSU system, not a particular campus.

Sign up today by completing the CSU in 2 Registration form. You may submit the form in person to the GWC Transfer Center or by email to Please contact the GWC Transfer Center at 714-895-8794 with any questions.


Click on your Associate Degree for Transfer Major below to link to the 2-year degree pattern:

If you have not chosen a major, any of the above coursework will qualify for the
CSU General Education Breadth Certificate for transfer.

This program works best with students that have no prior academic coursework, or have completed only courses in basic skills English and Math (and other non-transferable coursework), and are ready to start college-level coursework.

*Impaction at local CSU campuses (CSULB, CSUF, CSULA) means that students must meet a higher GPA for admission and selection. Please see a GWC Counselor for specific GPA criteria for the campus and major you are pursuing.