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Golden West College’s Shirley Haas Student Chapter of the American Institute of Floral Designers Presents

“Events:  Inspiration and Perspiration”
Carolyn Fowler AIFD, CFD, M.ED

The Shirley Haas SAIFD Chapter from Golden West College hosted their Artist in Residence (AIR) Program on Saturday, March 15, 2014.  Ms. Carolyn Fowler AIFD, a veteran of the floral industry was the guest educator.  Carolyn Fowler’s experience in the floral industry spans from retail to education to special event design and more.  She has taught floral design at private schools as well as a full-time faculty position, running the Floral Department at the College of Southern Nevada (CSN).  Carolyn served as an advisor to the Elaine Wynn Student AIFD Chapter at CSN, has presented an Artist in Residence (AIR) program at CSN, and continues to mentor the SAIFD Chapter members as Professor Emeritus.  Carolyn Fowler is not only an amazing, creative floral designer but she is also an exceptional educator.  Her passion for the industry is translated to the students through her remarkable teaching skills and excellent presentation style.

Carolyn began the program with a special look at the Event Trends Forecast for 2014.  She discussed industry and décor trends and encouraged the students to “characterize” their events and immerse their guests in the “experience” that is created.  She emphasized the importance of producing ideas and explained the “creativity process”.  Carolyn’s vast education has discovered abundant research on creativity development and she shared her many methods for increasing our imagination, inspiration, and originality in regards to event design.  Her program covered all aspects of event design, beginning at the consultation, which embraces the possibilities and areas for floral décor, to producing ideas, pricing, planning, execution, delivery, strike and beyond.  Hence, the program’s title, “Events: Inspiration and Perspiration” made complete sense to the students!  Carolyn provided the students with comprehensive handouts that not only included the essence of her program but included a broad resource list for additional student inquiries.  The Pricing Strategies for Event Work handout was significant to remind students that this is a business that requires education, talent, and skill and professionals must be sure to make a profit and not merely give away time, talent, and expertise.

Generous donations of fresh flowers from Orange County Wholesale Flowers and Mayesh Wholesale Florist allowed for Carolyn’s artistic construction of over a dozen unique event designs.  Her excellent ability as an educator conveyed the complete structural process of a favored piece, a windswept design created in the Aqua Culture trend with unique foliage and flowers.  This design just “shouted” rhythm and harmony!  Supplies and props were graciously donated by Shinoda Design Center and Baker Party Rentals.  The Shirley Haas Chapter is grateful to our sponsors for their generosity and continued support of the program.
Another favorite design was the Fairy Garden that Carolyn magically created and shared not only her mechanical and botanical processes but the history and folklore of fairies.  Other event creations explored the Confetti trend, the Industrial trend, and even the last frontier, Space.  Carolyn is a teacher at heart and presented the students with practical, useful ideas that can be incorporated into everyday design as well as special events.  Her demonstration of an alternative quick method for creating a hand-tied bouquet was especially appreciated by our students.  Carolyn challenged the students by including them in the preparation of the program as well as giving them the opportunity to design under pressure as she randomly called for a student to complete one of her designs.

The Shirley Haas Chapter is grateful to their sponsors and to Carolyn Fowler AIFD for sharing her talent, time, and expertise with our current students, alumnus, faculty, and the community.  “Events:  Inspiration and Perspiration” was an amazing educational afternoon that enchanted all the attendees and provided knowledge, a renewed passion, enthusiasm and excitement for event design. 

Thank you Carolyn Fowler AIFD – you rock!!