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Wes Bryan, President of Golden West College

"At Golden West College you will study directly with faculty members that have a deep commitment to quality education and want you to succeed in your endeavors."

Wes Bryan
Golden West College

A Message from the President

Some people say that California is one of the most diverse places in the whole world because our citizenship, residents, and visitors comprise such a rich and unequaled representation of world cultures. This is a state that has historically defined itself as welcoming of new people and new ideas. Innovation is at the heart of our colleges, universities, and business climate. We don't pretend that all of this has been easy; however, we believe that we are up to the challenge of making this work to the benefit of all. We think if people can learn to live together by valuing their differences and understanding the richness of the cultural heritages they find here, they will be able to help us create global solutions so necessary for a peaceful world.

With this goal in mind, we actively seek and encourage international students to make Golden West College their first choice in their pursuit of undergraduate education or career preparation. As you read through this web site, you will discover many of the reasons why GWC would be a good choice for you. You will also find out about the many ways we can help you make this transition successful. Often university bound students find that they can significantly reduce the cost for the first two years of their degree while they also acclimate to living internationally. Counselors can help select courses which match courses offered by universities for much higher costs.

We know that student life is more than just studies, and that some students choose Golden West College because of proximity to the beach, southern California entertainment and cultural activities, and our ideal Mediterranean climate. After all, Huntington Beach is known internationally as Surf City. And that's just the point - we have a lot to offer our students--from championship athletic teams and an active student body to academic programs and faculty that have a solid, academic reputation. You will study directly with faculty members that have a deep commitment to quality education and want you to succeed in your endeavors. They look forward to the richness international students bring to their classroom discussions and class work.

I encourage you to examine this web site, see what we have to offer, and then call one of our staff members in the International Student Program who want to help you enroll at Golden West College.