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Associate Degree for Transfer
Associate Degree for Transfer

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Salary Surfer

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“I am absolutely satisfied with the ISP services. I thank the staff for all the good work and advice that they provide us.”
Sofian Amir Hassen
Country: Tunisia

“It's very helpful for international students to get assistance with English from instructors and by using the Writing and Tutoring Centers on campus.”
Masashi Fujita
Country: Japan

“My experience at GWC was wonderful. I experienced a diverse student body, impressive faculty, and the academic environment was always friendly and helpful.”
Jefery Kusnadi
Country: Indonesia

“When I am involved in the international student club, I feel more confident and open-minded. The staff are very close and friendly. They are always pleased to help me to understand when I have a question. I really appreciate that!”
Thu Pham
Country: Vietnam