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Nursing Students Win State-Level Recognition AGAIN!

Five GWC Nursing students won approximately $7,500 in scholarships at the California Nursing Student State Convention in Sacramento on October 18. This money will help these students to complete the nursing program successfully. The funds can be used for living expenses as well as tuition and books. The scholarships were open to all California Nursing Students who wrote an essay and completed the application. “The number of scholarships available were only 7 or 8 and our students were selected for 5 of them. Golden West College Nursing students continue to stand out as leaders in our state organization,” said Nadine Davis, Nursing instructor and mentor.

A national-level appointment went to Jody Campos, who was invited to the Nominations and Elections Committee, Director Western Elections area, National Student Nursing Association. Nadine Davis said, “this is a great honor for both Jody and the GWC Nursing program.” Jody’s appointment to the National Student Nursing Association Nominations and Elections Committee-West occurred due to the positive image our students present when they participate in the leadership experiences at both the state and national levels. Golden West College has had students on the National Board several times in the past 10 years. The Executive Director, Dr. Diane Mancina, finds our students responsible, enthusiastic and capable. The Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC) is composed solely of nursing students, and is elected by the House to select a slate of candidates for elections the following year. The NEC is a separate body from the Board of Directors and reports directly to the House of Delegates. Jody’s position on the National Board will provide him with the opportunity to learn many leadership skills from National Nursing Leaders. During his experience in the Midyear Conference at Phoenix, he met with the current President of the National League of Nursing, the President of the American Nurses Association, and many other nursing leaders. Golden West College has built a positive reputation at both the state and national levels.

Our nursing program has a state wide reputation of being outstanding. We asked Nadine to comment on the benefits to our students by participating in these state conferences. She responded, “GWCNSA has built a very positive image over the years. Students learn many positive skills by participating in these conferences. Additionally, they build a network and support system to help them grow academically and professionally. During the past 10 years I have watched our students grow professionally. They have promoted quickly in their careers, understanding that professionalism really helps their careers. I am told anecdotally that Golden West Nursing students understand what is needed to be the leader of the future. I think of these experiences are a practicum in leadership.”