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How to Access Coast Wi-Fi [PDF]

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The Technology Support Services is located in Health Science Building.

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Welcome to GWC Technology Support Services

Information Technology's overarching goal is to maintain and enhance the speed, quality, reliability, and security of all campus-wide information transactions for students, faculty, and staff in ways that support the mission of the campus while reducing the cost-per-transaction to the campus.

How to Access Coast Wi-Fi [PDF]

HP Chromebook G 14 - GWC Student

New Phone Instructions and Guide
Deskphone Button Icon Quick Ref Guide [PDF]
Deskphone Quick Ref Guide [PDF]

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Directory Migration [PDF]

Please note that this service is currently only available on campus. If you need to submit a service request by phone call us at 714-438-8111.


Request for Service:  In order to best accommodate the computer needs of all faculty and staff, a request for service must be filed at least 24-hours prior to the time needed.  TSS adheres to the policy due to limited staffing.

Request for an Account:  If you need an account and have never requested one, contact your division office to place a request to TSS.  Division deans and secretaries are responsible for all paperwork for new accounts for faculty and staff.  Your division office will be provided the log-in information including password.  A user can be logged into multiple machines at a time.  However, in order to avoid corruption of files, it is recommended to be logged into one system at a time.


Request for Equipment:  In order to best accommodate the audio/visual equipment needs of all faculty, a request for equipment must be filed at least 24-hours prior to the time needed.  TSS adheres to the policy due to limited equipment availability and limited staffing.

DO NOT move equipment from one room to another as you may be affecting another faculty member’s lesson plan and prior request.  Equipment is placed as requested for specific time periods.  While it might seem that the equipment is not needed in a room, it may have been placed there at 4:30 pm for a 7:00 pm class.